Cold Storage -  Fresh and Frozen Foods

Robocom’s ROC Warehouse Management System is a favorite of fresh and frozen food manufacturers and distributors.  ROC is designed for efficient, case and pallet picking of fresh and frozen foods, with functions to pick and ship orders efficiently and manage unusual processes like date and lot rotation, expiry date tracking  Class Codes for quality control and interfaces to leading ERP Systems.


Our Cold Storage customers include meat packers, food wholesalers and retailers, dry grocery, ice cream, dairy, olive oil and just about every other food distributor you can imagine. That means our software is loaded with functions, processes, options and interfaces that specifically address the needs of food and beverage distributors.

Man in Food and Beverage Warehouse

Warehouse Management Software  Click to learn more about warehouse management software button

  • Food Safety Compliance – 100% traceability and full GTIN compliance
  • Inventory Accuracy at 99.99%
  • Quality Control – Hold, Inspect and Quarantine Discipline
  • Extensive use of industry-standard bar codes with wireless terminals and Voice picking options
  • Consignee-specific rules for product freshness, labelling, EDI compliance and pallet building
  • Fully compatible with SSCC bar code standards for product, case and pallet tracking
  • Automated location selection and stock rotation removes the guesswork from the warehouse
  • Product rotation options for perishable and date sensitive items
  • Lot control management throughout the warehouse
  • Extensive tracking of warehouse activity enabling audit and research capabilities
  • Integration with external material handling equipment (conveyer, carousels, ASRS, etc.)

Labor Management Software learn more about labor management software button

  • Employee productivity increases 10% to 25%
  • Engineered standards calculate a Target Time for productive worksets
  • Inquiries and reports analyze actual time versus Target Time and produce scorecards by employee

Workforce Optimization  learn more about tms button

Workforce Optimization is a combination of techniques, processes and technologies that address the conflicting challenges faced by warehouse operations.  Properly applied and managed, workforce optimization pays warehouse employees more money, up to 20% more, while reducing overall operating costs.  The steps are complex, the rewards are high.

Yard Management Software  learn more about yard management software button

  • Full Yard Management module for arriving, tracking and departing trailers
  • Yard Spotter/Shuttle functions to direct the movement of trailers to and from dock, tracking the location of each trailer in the Yard
  • Track Trailers in the yard and manage the movement of trailers to and from docks
  • Trailer Inspection functions ensure inbound and outbound trailers meet food safety requirements
  • Added functions to track fuel levels on trailers in the yard, record driver information and check trailers in and out through the guard shack

News and Events

June 2020

CAi Software acquires Robocom

March 2020

Covid-19 Update

DHC implements Robocom's Warehouse Management Solution to expand their reach and automate their operations.

October 2018

Jason Industrial utilizes Robocom and Next Generation to enable rapid growth both in the US and Internationally. 

April 2018

SIMpro migrates their Next Generation ERP to the Microsoft Windows Server platform and sees increased scalability and performance which helps them to maintain their competitive advantage.

June 2017

Teacher Created Materials improves pick accuracy inventory accuracy with Robocom's Warehouse Management System.  Read more about TCM and Robocom.

March 2017

Safelite Autoglass implemented Robocom's Labor Management System to achieve significant productivity gains.  Read more about this exciting project.

February 2017

Soult Wholesale chose Robocom's Next Generation ERP to manage all aspects of its supply chain management processes.  Learn more about Soult Wholesale's experience.

January 2017

Learn how Hyperlink implemented Robocom's Next Generation software to achieve real time visibility, increase productivity and increase its market share.

December 2016

Goodwill of North Georgia implemented Robocom's Warehouse Management System to help provide a high quality of service to their customer, a nearby Federal Agency. Read more about Goodwill's implementation. 


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